lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Time goes by

CCK11 is over and it´s been an incredible experience. I´ve learnt about a multiplicity of subjects from neural networks to RSS feeds, from data mining to the use of OER´s, from various theories of learning to connectivism and I could go on and on. Apart from this I´ve attended outstanding presentations I wouldn´t be able to take part in,in a lifetime. Shared commentaries in the back channel, learned what it is like to listen to a talk and to follow a chat full of expert comments, in a foreign language --multitasking at its best-- while watching the screen, trying to make the most of the succession of visual materials shown. Never a dull moment, I should say. Besides it´s thrilling to have people from all over the world sharing openly their interests and expertise, showing motivation related to the field of E-learning, which is at the centre of an educator´s life in the 21st C.

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