martes, 18 de enero de 2011


A fascinating topic.
As we could see from the presentation today, Tuesday 18, research based on data mining was used to solve the problems connected with students´ carelessness, gaming the system and working off line or online but not with the task in hand. I was surprised at amount of research caried out in one year. How changes were applied immediately to solve the probles detected. Yet new problems arose. It seems to me student boredom and willingness to escape the system are not solved.
Data gathered showed that sts in suburban or rural areas concentrated better and that in different countries different patterns emerged.
An excellent presentation.

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

CCK11 A pleasure

Today I´m starting CCK11. Stephen and George are waving the magic wand again and starting a new CCK. Lots have gone on since they started, in the real world and in Elearning and in my microcosmos learning and knowledge wise especially since the world of Elearning opened up miraculously in front of my eyes. I´m eager to continue this path of constant change and development and open to new experiences and hours in front of the comp trying to make sense of a maze of new tools, texts, connections, you name it.